The Brilliance of Bert Frank Light – A Fusion of Elegance and Innovation


Bert Frank Light is a brand synonymous with luxury lighting. Their unique blends of elegance and innovation have gained them a reputation in the industry for their exceptionally crafted pieces. In this article, we will delve into the history of the brand, the inspiration behind their designs, and how their products are a fusion of both traditional and modern elements.

The History of Bert Frank Light

Bert Frank Light was founded in 2013 by two designers, Robbie Llewellyn and Adam Yeats. Their love for traditional British manufacturing techniques and contemporary design styles led them to create the brand with the aim of producing high-quality, timeless lighting pieces. Each product is handcrafted from natural materials, fusing traditional techniques with modern innovation.

Inspiration Behind the Designs

The design inspiration for Bert Frank Light pieces derives from a vast array of sources. Robbie and Adam draw on classic architectural designs, vintage design styles, and even industrial machinery to influence their creations. Each piece is individually crafted to make a statement in any interior design scheme.

Traditional Manufacturing Techniques

Bert Frank Light prioritizes traditional manufacturing techniques to ensure the highest quality and durability of their products. Each piece is crafted using methods such as casting, molding, and finishing, which have been vital for the brand’s success.

Modern Innovation

While their products’ techniques are traditional, Bert Frank Light also uses modern innovation to push the boundaries of design. The brand’s unique blend of traditional manufacturing and modern innovation is what sets them apart from their competitors.

The Bert Frank Collections

Bert Frank Light offers several collections of lighting pieces, each with its distinct style and personality.

The Shearwater Collection

The Shearwater collection is inspired by the classic British use of industrial machinery in design. These pieces have an industrial feel, with the brand’s signature juxtaposition of elegant and sharp angles.

The Rote Collection

The Rote collection is a tribute to vintage interior design styles, with its bold geometric shapes, angular lines, and luxurious metallic finishes.

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