Add Glitz to Your Home With a Three Arm Chandelier

3 arm chandelier

If you’re looking to add some glam to your home, you might consider a three arm chandelier. These versatile fixtures can be adjusted horizontally or vertically for the perfect lighting configuration. Jonathan Adler’s Caracas 3-Arm Chandelier is a stylish interpretation of geometry that features three metallic batons accented by white acrylic globes.

Jonathan Adler Caracas 3-Arm Chandelier

The Jonathan Adler Caracas 3-Arm Chungier exudes a sense of glitz and glamour with its three-arm design adorned with geometric shapes and spheres. Using antiqued brass and blackened brass, this chandelier is easy to adjust and can be placed in a variety of configurations. Designed by Jonathan Adler, this three-arm chandelier can accommodate two light sources, each with a different color and pattern.

Jonathan Adler’s caracas are frequently made from brass or other metals. They can also be made from acrylic. This chandelier is an excellent choice for any room in the home. Jonathan Adler’s Caracas are made to complement most interiors. This piece will brighten any space, no matter what color the walls are. These chandeliers are a great choice for a modern living room or sophisticated dining room.

Adler began making ceramics full-time about three years ago. He was already establishing street cred in New York with his work in Barneys and Aero, but he wasn’t earning enough money to make ends meet. To solve this problem, Adler teamed up with Aid to Artisans, a non-profit organization that creates economic opportunities for skilled artisans in developing countries. The organization was able to secure an order for Adler and introduce him to a buyer at Barneys New York.

Stilnovo Trent 3-Arm Chandelier

The Stilnovo Trent 3-Arm Chandelier is a stylish, modern piece of lighting for the home. It features a spun aluminum shade with a distinctive line of tiny holes. The body and arms are made of solid brass, which is hand-patinated to match the shades. Each arm is complemented by a counter-weight that matches the color of the shade opposite it. Installation of this piece should be performed by a professional who is familiar with the product.

Jonathan Adler Drape Arm 3 Chandelier

The Drape Arm 3 Chandelier by Jonathan Adler is a stylish fixture that offers a unique mix of style and functionality. Featuring a modern take on Mid-Century glass globe lighting, this three-arm chandelier features a decorative cut-out motif and complementing finishes. It is the perfect choice for double-height foyers and is available in a variety of finishes, including antique brass, polished nickel, and deep patina bronze. It can be positioned in a horizontal or vertical orientation to suit the area you want to illuminate.

Another beautiful piece of Jonathan Adler lighting is the Jupiter 25 1/4″ wide polished nickel pendant light. It is the perfect way to add some color and whimsy to your room. It also features a 100% low price protection guarantee.