Top 7 Best Classic Lighting Brands

Today, let’s talk about the 7 best classic lighting brands. You must know one of these lighting brands.

High-end brands of lamps and lanterns generally have a strong sense of design, but they are often copied. You may have seen similar appearance of lamps on major websites.

But you may not realize where it comes from. Although it is roughly imitated, the craftsmanship is difficult to imitate. Next, let’s talk about these 7 classic lighting brands and representative works.

Brands 1 FLOS

The Italian brand FLOS was founded in 1962. It cooperates with the world’s most advanced industrial designers, such as Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Marcel Wanders, Philippe Starck, Jasper Morrison, Konstantin Grcic, Marc Newson, etc. brand.

IC Lights have been particularly popular for a period of time, and many people at home and abroad like this series of lamps.

Another series of FLOS: Zeppelin, melt the resin material in the pelvic cavity, spray the lantern frame to rotate continuously, the effect is very special.

FLOS also released a fishing light, which caused a boom in the production of fishing lights. There are also many unique products, which are not listed here. If you are interested, you can visit the official website.

2 Artemide

Founded in Italy in 1960, Artemide has been one of the largest lighting manufacturers in the world. Artemide has produced many classic lamps, such as Tizio, Melampo and Logico.

Artemide also cooperated with Mercedes-Benz on a chandelier, with a sports car-like line, a very candid chandelier with Mercedes-Benz, with a sports-car-like line, very candid.

The Swallow series lamps designed by NERI&HU and the Cosmic series of very advanced space installation lamps are all popular series of lamps and lanterns.

The chlorophilia designed by Artemide casts light and shadow on the ceiling, and sprinkles into the home like moonlight. Looking at the lights at home, there is a leisurely and relaxed feeling of walking slowly under the moonlight.

3 Foscarini

An Italian lighting brand established in Venice in 1981, it was committed to applying traditional mouth-blown glass technology to modern lighting design at the beginning of its establishment. Work closely with world-renowned designers and architects such as Marc Sadler, Ferruccio Laviani, Rodolfo Dordoni.

4 moooi

The three lamps introduced above are all made in Italy, but this one is different.

moooi is a design brand created in the Netherlands. The name of moooi itself comes from the Dutch word for “beautiful” (mooi), with an additional letter o, which means one more beauty.

moooi was founded by Marcel Wanders, who originally started moooi with the aim of providing a place for creative designers to think logically.

Today, moooi is not just a home furnishing brand, but a style representative, very avant-garde and fashionable.


VIBIA lighting is a high-end imported furniture brand from Spain. It is a global family business with a history of 19 years.

The designed Dimensional is very three-dimensional, and it is really stylish as a space device.

6 Ingo Maurer

Founded in the mid-1960s by German industrial designer Ingo Maurer. This brand only focuses on the magical fantasy of light and shadow.

The main lighting series under this brand are: BirdsBirds, GakuGaku, golden ribbon, Oh Mei Ma. These models have become popular in the lighting market as soon as they are listed.

7 Cameron Design House

Cameron Design House in the United Kingdom is a company established in 2014, focusing on high-end luxury lighting products. The main reason for introducing it here is that the products are really popular in China, and light luxury lighting brands are following it.

The introduction of these high-end foreign lamps is here today! I hope it can be helpful to you, please leave a message to me~

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