Best Kitchen and Bathroom Lighting Ideas of 2022

Not satisfied with the light design of the kitchen and bathroom? Here comes it! The best kitchen and bathroom lighting design solutions in 2022 are shared with you!

Light design is very important when decorating a new home. Let’s take a look at the best lighting design solutions for different spaces and the misunderstandings of lighting.

1 kitchen Lighting Ideas

In addition to a main light in the kitchen, supplementary lighting needs to be added above the cooking table and sink, and light strips are installed on the shelf.

The light of the kitchen is more suitable for sunlight with a color temperature of 5000K -6000K, because the operation in the kitchen must be concentrated for a long time.

White light has the strongest effect on maintaining excitement, and it can easily detect kitchen dirt, and too warm or too cold will affect the judgment of ingredients.

2 Aisles

Aisles often give people the feeling of being long and narrow, but as long as you use reasonable moving lines and appropriate lighting, you can feel comfortable walking.

You can hang decorative paintings and decorative objects on the wall, so that the wall has simple line changes, and then use lights to embellish it, you can create a rich space expression.

The lamps in the aisle do not have to be installed on the ceiling, but can be installed in the side walls, using the light reflected from the light source for indirect lighting, so that the space will look more three-dimensional and the atmosphere will be softer.

3 bathroom

The warm light/yellow light is very warm and suitable for use in the bathroom. At such a color temperature, the blemishes on the skin are not easily revealed, and the skin tone is more even.

There should be light strips on both sides of the mirror to avoid shadows on the face when looking in the mirror. If the family has the habit of reading when going to the toilet, a reading light can also be added on the top.

The bathtub should use light strips as much as possible to create uniform light and avoid the impact of intermediate light sources on the eyes.

Therefore, there is no definite lighting design scheme for each space, and the specific lighting design must be matched with the overall decoration. Let’s take a look at some misunderstandings in the use of lighting.

(1) Atmosphere first

More and more people are concerned about home health issues, but most people only pay attention to the pollution of chemicals such as formaldehyde, but light is also very harmful to us.

Nowadays, many families choose multi-color lamps and light sources, but they don’t know that these colorful lights will not only cause damage to people’s eyesight, but even interfere with the function of advanced nerves in the central nervous system of the brain.

Atmosphere first

(2) Excessive use of energy-saving lamps

Although energy-saving lamps save electricity, as a type of fluorescent lamps, the lighting is too cold and white. It is unreasonable to use too many energy-saving lamps to create a warm atmosphere at home.

 Excessive use of energy-saving lamps

(3) Blind use of spotlights

Spotlights are originally used for key lighting, and have the effect of emphasizing exhibits, but some people use them for general lighting. The spotlights on the ceiling make the ceiling too eye-catching, and the lighting effect on other objects is relatively weakened.

Blind use of spotlights

(4) Use crystal lamps when the floor is high or low

Crystal lamps give people a sense of style, but the ideal use height of crystal lamps should be above 3.5 meters, and the domestic floor heights are almost all below 3 meters. Therefore, if you do not consider the floor height and blindly use crystal lamps, you will only bring pressure.

Use crystal lamps when the floor is high or low

(5) Brightness is irrelevant

The brightness of each space is different. The brightness of the living room, study and other spaces is higher than that of the bedroom and balcony; at the same time, in the same space, the brightness of the main light, auxiliary lights, contour lights, etc. is also different, generally the main light. Brightest.

Brightness is irrelevant

Well, the content about lighting design is here first. I hope you who read this article will take interior lighting design as a major event.

Carefully arrange, carefully communicate with designers, and carefully select suitable lamps, so that the lighting in your home can bring you a comfortable emotional experience. Welcome to leave a message~

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