The Sunrise Lamp

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Have you been looking for a lamp that will give you the same kind of beach sunset? The Sunrise Lamp is one such product. It has a programmable light source and an origami lampshade. You can even customize the brightness and color of the light by changing the color temperature.

The Sunrise Lamp

The Sunrise Lamp is a unique piece of art that provides ambient illumination and adds creative style to any room. It’s made of drop-resistant, eco-friendly resin and is crystal clear to the touch. Whether used as a table lamp or floor lamp, it makes a bold statement and boosts the ambiance of any space.

The Sunrise Lamp is a great gift for any occupa­tion, and its many soothing light functions and customizable sounds will help you sleep better at night. There are 30 sound options to choose from and a low-blue setting to use during the evening. The lamp is also perfect for couples or for those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder or general fatigue.

The Sunrise Lamp has soft-touch buttons that make it easy to operate, and the device has a free companion app. This alarm clock also simulates the sunrise with a gradual changing color from dark red to bright yellow. There’s also a feature that lets you select from seven natural sounds to play at various times.

Another feature of this lamp is the ability to change colors to suit your mood. The gradual change from red to yellow over 30 minutes makes the lamp more comfortable to sleep in. It also features a built-in FM radio and can be used as a radio for streaming music. Another benefit is the fact that it has a hefty plug.

Its origami lampshade

The origami lampshade of the Sunrise Lamp can be folded as a beautiful deco piece and used as a light source or unlit. The origami lampshade is made of handmade paper, and the top ring is a transverse web, where the lamp’s socket can be fitted. The lamp comes in a luxury gift box for a lovely gift.

Its programmable light source

The Sunrise Lamp is a programmable light source that functions as a night light and slowly brightens in the morning. It uses a Raspberry Pi Zero W computer inside a plastic case, and NeoPixels from The Pi Hut. Russell followed the instructions provided by the makers of NeoPixels, Adafruit, and used a guide created by CircuitPython to program the lamp.

This programmable lamp resembles a real sunrise and sunset, and simulates the sound of a natural sunrise. The light source gradually increases illumination over a preset period, and also includes soothing sound settings. It is programmable, and can even be integrated with a standard alarm clock. Because it gradually increases illumination, the lamp simulates the appearance of a sunrise or sunset, allowing users to wake up with a relaxed state of mind.

The lamp is also programmable, and the user can choose between three brightness settings. These settings can vary from high to low, which gives a softer or brighter glow. The lamp also has a remote control that allows the user to make changes to the settings and turn off the lamp when they are done.

The PC board 162 is connected to a TRIAC power control circuit 190 that supplies power to the lighting/lamp assembly 80. This lighting/lamp assembly can also be switched between different color temperatures.