Top 6 Best-selling IKEA Lamps Fixtures

When you walk into an IKEA store, do you really want to buy everything you see and move it home?

Today we’re going to talk about IKEA’s top 6 most popular and best-selling lamps.

The lamps in the room can not only bring us a sense of light and security, but also should be the soft decoration part that can best highlight the owner’s temperament.

Therefore, the choice of lamps is very important, not only the intensity of the light, but also the angle of lighting, and the appearance is also very important.

It takes a lot of thought to match the beauty of other home decoration in the house.

Everyone should be familiar with IKEA. Today I will recommend 6 super beautiful lamps that highlight the sense of design and can add color to your new home.

Note: The following lamps and lanterns have profiles and prices on IKEA’s official website, but each store may do special promotions from time to time. If it is online or purchasing, additional shipping may be incurred, so the actual starting price may fluctuate.

1 Industriell lamps

This can be said to be very chic and beautiful, each hand-woven lampshade is unique, very suitable for modern Chinese or Japanese decoration styles.

What everyone should pay attention to is that the pictures on the official website include renderings, and there may be some gaps with the real objects.

2 fado desk lamps

The unique shape is like a dream bubble, like a hanging bright moon, isn’t it very festive?

I cannot say enough good things about this lamp, which my friend brought into my life last year. It looks so nice and creates a soft, glowy, warm, cozy light. It also really pulls its weight, brightening up dark spaces without being too harsh.

3 PS 2014

IKEA’s classic model, which has won the Red Dot Design Award, can be transformed from a simple and restrained atmosphere light to a star-like explosion-like headlight with a single pull. It is very unique, just like the Cybertron planet hanging high in the night sky.

4 Mark Cruz

A huge, gorgeous dandelion will definitely become the most eye-catching decoration in the living room. In addition, it should also be suitable for girls’ rooms and dreamy children’s rooms.

5 Teetia

This is an IKEA classic for 20 years, and it is enduringly loved by users all over the world.

Versatile shapes, changing colors, great mobility and adaptability, and low prices make it one of IKEA’s best-selling lamps ever.

6 Ovalu

The chic pumpkin shape immediately brings the atmosphere of Halloween, and the quirky shape can be used as a chandelier or a table lamp. If you want to add some festive atmosphere to your home, you can’t go wrong with this lamp.

Do you like the above 6 unique lamps and lanterns? If they just fit the decor style you want, you can buy them and take them home.

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