5 in 1 Wi-Fi Controller for LED Strips – Alexa and also Google Aide

5 in 1 Wi-Fi Controller for LED Strips – Alexa and also Google Aide.

This LED strip controller is without question among one of the most total on the market! Connecting straight right into your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network without extra control module, it controls any one of the following types of LED Strips: Single Shade, Variable White, RGB, RGB W, RGB Variable White. You can manage approximately 8 zones (you can put several controllers of the very same kind on one zone) using the app as well as a virtually unlimited number of zones from your Google or Alexa aide. The WL5 LED controller has cordless synchronization modern technology: if you have multiple controllers in the exact same location, these will relay the signal to keep you in perfect sync, giving you impressive, smooth color changes every single time.

RGB LED Controller

The WL5 LED controller is planned for the intermediate to innovative individual who is comfortable with Wi-Fi modern technologies and also mobile phones. LED Montreal does not use support for integrating the WL5 controller to your Google Assistant or Alexa system.

This powerful LED controller works on both 12 and also 24V DC circuits as well as has an optimum ability of 15 Amps. It is mostly created to be connected to a smart phone or tablet computer via a Wi-Fi network and also to be incorporated to a Google or Alexa aide. You can still incorporate the WL5 LED controller with a remote or a wall surface panel. The controller must however be programmed beforehand by means of a mobile phone in order to include a physical remote control.

It”s simple to set your WL5 LED controller.
Prior to you begin: ensure you are linked to the Wi-Fi network on which you will utilize your controller. Disable the 5.0 GHz bandwidth of your router. Your system will just operate the 2.4 GHz band. Consult your internet provider or your router”s instruction manual for full information.

1- Download the totally free Mi Boxer application on your mobile or tablet computer. Don”t neglect to create an account.

2- Attach your LED strip to your WL5 controller, do not neglect to remove your wires well when connecting. Now attach the transformer to the controller. The traffic signal on the controller will activate. The LED strip will continue to be shut. Press the switch on the controller for 3 seconds. The traffic signal will certainly begin to blink. The light must flash to continue the programs process.

3- In your application, press the tab in the upper right corner of your display to then choose “Smart Strip Controller”.

4- The application will certainly ask you to verify if the traffic signal is blinking well.

5- Enter the connection information for your Wi-Fi network.
6- The application will certainly configure your controller for you. You will certainly then choose the type of RESULTED IN control, this is when your Bow will light up.

RGB Controllers.
The colors acquired by your RGB Strips are absolutely spectacular. Did you understand that you can get even more out of your RGB LED Strip? Yes it is possible to change the way you control your RGB LED Strips. Instead of simply plugging your strip directly into your power supply, the use of RGB Controllers from LED Montreal will bring feasible transform manage
As opposed to merely connecting will certainly your strip to an additional degree of efficiency. Depending on your requirements, a few of our RGB Controllers feature a push-button control to obtain the maximum from your strip, and will offer you reduce of use.

At LED Montreal, you”ll locate several RGB controller options that will certainly fit your particular demands. Some RGB Controllers are very basic, others more complicated. You can pick between different receiver types (RF, IR, wired) and all of them have their very own features when it emerges and shade transforming modes.

7- You can currently configure your Google or Alexa aide and/ or add a remote to it. You will locate the remote-control shows procedure on the push-button control product web page.

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