What is the use of gas sensor in smart home

Haze, sand and dust, as well as industrial waste gases are harmful to human beings everywhere, and the air quality problem is getting more and more serious, so it is imperative to monitor and improve indoor air. In recent years, the deterioration of national air quality news more and more, which also caused more and more concern about air quality, especially people living and working in densely populated areas of first- and second-tier cities, and even some people look forward to cell phones have air detection function, can real-time detection of their own surrounding air quality, in order to take the necessary measures in a timely manner. And air purifiers are more common in our lives, more and more people are also starting to use air purification and other devices, and other sensors used in air purifiers include PM2.5 dust sensors, formaldehyde sensors, carbon dioxide sensors, etc.

What is the use of gas sensors in smart home

Micro-dust sensor application areas.

Vacuum cleaners, floor sweepers, dust mites, smart trash cans, smart detectors, etc.

S7 Smart Dust Micro Dust Sensor

The micro dust sensor S7 Smart Dust adopts the working method of infrared alignment, when the micro dust particles pass through the infrared light alignment area, the receiving end receives the light signal change corresponding to the particles, and through the patented technology of particle signal acquisition processing, the particle data is compared and analyzed with the material data in the database to get the accurate particle concentration data, and the real-time display of the cleanliness data of the floor, carpet, bed sheet, sofa, car, etc. The cleanliness data in the car, etc.

A, healthy air – gas sensor of formaldehyde sensor

Formaldehyde sensor detects formaldehyde in the air through the principle of diffusion, and also has a certain degree of response to alcohols, benzene and naphthalene gases, etc. After detecting the concentration of formaldehyde in the air, the value can be displayed in the host or client through communication software technology, and can also be linked to other devices in the smart home intelligent, control the air purifier or the switch of the new air system to remove formaldehyde.

Second, fresh air – gas sensor of carbon dioxide sensor

In the field of air environment monitoring, we all know that the content of carbon dioxide is a concern for many people, the high content of carbon dioxide accumulates in the body, leading to a decline in PH value, cellular hypoxia, and even some dysfunction. The air volume switch of the new air system can be turned on to exhaust air to the outside.

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