Smart home market is getting better and better because of what

Smart home originated from “Apple”s father”s future home”, now more and more smart home has come into the ordinary people”s home, many people enjoy the convenient life under the power of technology, many people are still in the wait-and-see state; in the end, what is the magic of smart home can make more and more people like it? This is the most truthful answer I have ever heard.

Smart home market is getting better and better because of what

What is smart home

Understanding from the perspective of the concept: for example, before our cell phones smart phone to receive calls, after the popularization of smart phones our cell phones can shop, play games, shopping, transfer money, talk, video chat, read books, etc. Our life has become easier; the emergence of smart home and smart phones, as well, let our life become colorful and more convenient!

From the product understanding: smart home products have smart panels, switch panels, cameras, door magnets, doorbells, sockets and some sensors; and smart home is to let us through the Internet of Things technology will be the adjustment of lights, curtains automatically, all electrical linkage operation (simple), as well as anti-theft, gas, and separate systems of background music, video intercom, access control, etc. let them link with each other, set A variety of scenes, so that everyone can “simply” enjoy a “comfortable” life.

What are the magical “magic” of smart home life under the power of technology?

1、Burglar alarm

When someone approaches your home or illegal invasion, the system will send out an audible and visual alarm, and at the same time automatically push the information to the owner”s cell phone to warn. The owner can view the scene through the network camera and notify the property in time to avoid the loss of property.

2、Save your mind at home

You can control air conditioners, floor heating, curtains, lights, TV and other home appliances at home with “one key”, so you don”t need to worry about finding various remote controls. Our smart home can help you to eliminate the complicated and repeated operations in your life.

If you want to get up at night, you don”t have to fumble for the light switch with your sleepy eyes, just walk to the door of the bathroom, and the light inside will light up slowly.

3、Simply enjoy life

When you come home from a long day of work and lie down to rest, you don”t need to get up to open/close the curtains, turn on/off the lights, turn on/off the air conditioner, TV and background music, it”s as easy as a snap. Just take out your cell phone and gently slide your finger on the screen to finish, everything is in the “palm” control.

4、Remote control

Remote control of residential appliances through cell phones or tablets, such as turning on the air conditioning or floor heating equipment in advance before going home, and having a comfortable temperature environment when returning home.

Intelligent sensors can sense the external environment to achieve automatic window closing when it is stormy, and automatic window opening when it is sunny, to intelligently adjust the environment at home for you. With this secret weapon, and then encounter the rainy day out, the home windows did not close the situation, you no longer have to worry about.

5、Give your family the most peace of mind

Smart home can video and talk with your family at any time, to bring you closer to your family, but also to save your cost of living. The old people are alone at home, when the children are not around, life will seem difficult, the video function will become your other eye, plus its remote control function and so on, we can help the old people switch on and off all kinds of electrical appliances, and also can set the faint light long bright at night, so that the old people get up at night for convenience. Let you keep an eye on the elderly anytime and anywhere.

The healthy growth of children is also a special concern for parents. Children usually spend too much time playing computer and TV at home, which affects their study, parents can realize power off control through remote control and timing function.

Home video surveillance not only protects property security, but also brings a lot of convenience in terms of timely detection of unexpected situations in and around the home and understanding the activities of family members at home. Nanny child abuse incidents lead to panic, including real-time monitoring to view the nanny at home, can serve as a protective umbrella for the health and safety of children.

The whole house intelligent life scenario seems sci-fi, but in fact is gradually being realized; because of the smart home life, our life becomes more intelligent and interesting.

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