How to choose a good smart home product

Nowadays, many smart appliances have been accepted, such as smart bulbs, smart sockets, smart plugs, etc., as if we have been surrounded by smart products around us. However, the actual situation, we used these smart products, found that there is no relationship between them, and there is a big gap with the smart home we think.

How to choose a good smart home product

In fact, the smart products we use are just a small part of the smart home, just “fur”, the real smart home is a system”s supporting system, starting from home, is a relatively complex intelligent system. So, if we want to install your own smart home system, how do you buy it? Below I briefly say, buy a few points of intelligent home.

First, clear demand

We must first know what your needs is, what kind of “intelligence” wants. We know that blind installation smart home products will not only make you a lot of intelligent life, but also make your expenditure increase. Each family has different requirements for smart life. Smart home products have a personalized feature, which can be combined to meet different crowds of intelligence. And we can also use the Money in your hands to do more things.

In addition to the family security, alarm system, smart lighting system is some parts that must be in the family, we can also install smart home products according to their own special needs. If there is a movie in the family, we can choose to install a home entertainment system, background music system, etc., which allows us to enjoy more entertainment at home. In addition, smart home products also include many aspects, such as pet photos, hospital automatic irrigation, home care, home appliance centralized control, remote monitoring, etc., you can choose to make yourself according to your actual needs, and Money in your hand Smart home products.

Second, choose a brand

After you know what you want, you have to pay more than three salesmen who choose smart home products. At this point you may face a direct manufacturer of smart home, choose a good smart home brand manufacturer is a good way to avoid risks. Because of a large brand of manufacturers, the quality of the product is guaranteed, and the technology can also be guaranteed. Editor reminds consumers try to choose some big brand manufacturers, so you can make you worry, rest assured. Of course, when you choose the agent, please also use this principle. At present, the smart home sector is more well-known brand for Colin Shi, Xiaomi, Haier, Shenzhen Orebo, etc.

Third, product selection

Here we say that the product selection is mainly to see the quality and appearance process of the product. Quality of the product We generally do not see it when you purchase, so we are here more about how to see the appearance process of the product. In addition to the enjoyment of smart, smart home products, in fact, a good appearance process can also give us a beautiful enjoyment. Formerly, some smart home vendors” product focus on function, ignoring the visual enjoyment of our appearance, is more ugly, so it is more difficult to remind consumers, do not ignore the choice of product appearance.

Fourth, technology update

Intelligent home products are very frequently developed by technology, and now the update of products is very frequent. For consumers to enjoy the comfortable life brought by smart home, we strongly recommend that consumers must pay attention to the purchase of products. Technology update, product compatibility, and how. Just like we buy a computer, two years ago, in SD memory, now use DDR2, product is compatible with each other, we must pay very attention very well.

V. Install construction

The installation of smart home products is critical to your future use, and its installation is still relatively complicated, requiring professional construction technicians to install your home. If the product is not in place during the installation process, it will seriously affect your future use, so you must see that there is no professional, trained construction team.

Six, after-sales service

After-sales service, I don”t have to say more, usually we will pay great attention to the quality of after-sales service when buying large consumer goods. This is more important when buying smart home products, because the smart home market has to standardize, each manufacturer, distributor, and agent”s after-sales service is not the same, in order to avoid future trouble, please Consumers are optimistic about your eyes.

Seven, good quality

We all know that the product of the truly “beautiful”, “low”, “I want to say here is to consider the 2-6 points above, and then choose a balance point than three, find out “Good quality and low price” products. The reason why the price is put in the back, because it is only to consider which is more cheaper after it is better to consider it, and play the role of Money to the limit!

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