5 reasons to choose smart light bulbs

Smart light bulbs are different from regular LED lights. They can do more than just plug into an outlet and light up quietly. Because this is not only very old-fashioned, but also boring. 100 years ago, the light bulb is already like this, why do we still need to use the same old equipment 100 years ago? Smart light bulbs can do much more than ordinary LED light bulbs.

There is a reason why smart bulbs are called “smart”. They can be connected remotely with the cell phone APP, through such a data communication method for more new features to open the door. The following is a list of smart light bulbs for you to list a few awesome features. 

1. can become dark!

One of the many basic capabilities of smart light bulbs is that users do not need to install a brightness adjustment switch, but also able to achieve the brightness adjustment of the light bulb. Users only need to replace the original smart light bulb old light bulb, and then you can adjust their brightness through the supporting APP.

2. Anytime, anywhere control!

Some smart light bulbs, such as Belkin”s WeMo LED light bulbs, GE”s Link Bulbs, etc., have a pre-programmed function that allows users to be able to remote control the lighting situation at home. This is a very good feature for home security. Imagine if you and your family go on vacation, through such a function, the lights in your home can be turned on and off normally every day, as if someone is always at home. In this way, I am afraid that thieves are not easy to target your home. In addition, such a function also helps to save energy and preserve power; avoid the waste of resources caused by users not turning off the lights when they go out. Most brands of smart light bulbs are able to achieve synchronization of multiple light bulbs data, users can control all the light bulbs in the home through an APP, very convenient.

3. They can change color!

Dim the lights this program can be used to adjust the atmosphere, but you can go a step further. Many smart light bulbs can achieve the color change function. In fact, many brands of smart bulbs, including Flux Smart LED bulbs, can produce 16 million colors! If you are a user of Philips Hue bulbs, you can also change the color of the bulb through Siri”s voice commands.

So what benefits can the color change function of the smart light bulb bring us?

01 Want to add some warm mood atmosphere to the room? The light color to gold, the most suitable.

02 Want to make the room look cooler? Choose blue lighting.

03 When you have a party at home, it is best to adjust the lighting to the party theme color.

04 During the holidays, you can tune the bulbs to red and green (Christmas), black, red and green (Kwanzaa), and blue (Hanukkah).

05 Don”t like the color of the walls in your home? No need to repaint the walls, through the change of lighting can make the home a different feeling every day!

4. Can also play music!

Want to play music at home, but don”t like the speaker wire sticking up everywhere? Some smart light bulbs with built-in speakers can make you stop having these problems!
For example, the Playbulb Color smart light bulb comes with speakers, it can play music at the same time, according to the rhythm and type of music, adjust the type of light, so that the atmosphere is good to burst! Imagine if there is such a light bulb at a party, it is like being in a concert hall. However, in my experience, the drawback of this kind of light bulb is that the volume of the speakers is not particularly loud. If you change a room, you are likely to not hear the original room light bulb to play the song. But the volume is good for family life, especially for families with children.

If you want good sound quality, but don”t like colorful lights, then choose the Sengled Pulse. It can provide users with high quality sound quality, while the brightness can be adjusted.

5. Help improve the quality of sleep

C Sleep this smart light bulb can send several specific colors of light waves, it is based on the user”s biological clock to adjust the body”s melatonin synthesis in response to the light. It can help users suppress melatonin secretion during the daytime, and help increase melatonin synthesis during nighttime sleep time.

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