How to choose a good smart home product

Nowadays, many smart appliances have been accepted, such as smart bulbs, smart sockets, smart plugs, etc., as if we have been surrounded by smart products around us. However, the actual situation, we used these smart products, found that there is no relationship between them, and there is a big gap with the smart home we think. How to choose a good smart home product In fact, the smart products we use are just a small part of the smart home, just “fur”, the real smart home is a system”s supporting system, starting from home, is a relatively complex intelligent system. … Continue reading How to choose a good smart home product

What is the use of gas sensor in smart home

Haze, sand and dust, as well as industrial waste gases are harmful to human beings everywhere, and the air quality problem is getting more and more serious, so it is imperative to monitor and improve indoor air. In recent years, the deterioration of national air quality news more and more, which also caused more and more concern about air quality, especially people living and working in densely populated areas of first- and second-tier cities, and even some people look forward to cell phones have air detection function, can real-time detection of their own surrounding air quality, in order to take … Continue reading What is the use of gas sensor in smart home

WiFi technology in the smart home

What is a smart home? Many images may spring to our mind, and so on, so let’s take a look at the official introduction. In Wikipedia. Home automation, which refers to the automation of buildings in the home, is also known as a smart home. Home automation systems can control lights, windows, temperature and humidity, audio and video equipment, and appliances, and may also include home security, such as access control or alarms. When connected to the Internet, home devices become an important component of the smart network. In the Baidu encyclopedia. Smart home is a residence as a platform, … Continue reading WiFi technology in the smart home

The Development of Smart Home in China

The development trend of smart home is irreversible, but from the perspective of development, the development layout of smart home of Chinese operators is still a bit slow compared with that of foreign operators.   Still in the early stage At present, China Mobile has launched Ling rhinoceros voice assistant 3.0, which can realize the control of smart home by voice and connect smart home with voice recognition; China Telecom has also launched the smart home product “Yuet me”, which can provide users with a comprehensive solution for home informatization services.   The platform model is not yet mature China … Continue reading The Development of Smart Home in China

5 reasons to choose smart light bulbs

Smart light bulbs are different from regular LED lights. They can do more than just plug into an outlet and light up quietly. Because this is not only very old-fashioned, but also boring. 100 years ago, the light bulb is already like this, why do we still need to use the same old equipment 100 years ago? Smart light bulbs can do much more than ordinary LED light bulbs. There is a reason why smart bulbs are called “smart”. They can be connected remotely with the cell phone APP, through such a data communication method for more new features to … Continue reading 5 reasons to choose smart light bulbs